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Clover Product ID: MFTM1RCWS0C1E

Varietal: Hojiblanca

Acidity: 0.28 | Crop: Winter 2019/2020 | Country of Origin: Varies

Current: Lot # 57419 COO: Spain

Spain is the world’s leading producer for olive oil. History tells us the first olive groves were planted by the Phoenicians in 1050 BC. This extraordinary olive oil, in accordance with EU regulations, is cultivated without chemical synthetic fertilizers, plant protection products and soil herbicides. This exemplary Hojiblanca from the Andalucía (South Spain) in the beautiful quaint town of Ecija belonging to the provinces of Seville/ Malaga.

Flavor Profile: Dominate notes of green apple and tomato plant. Very well balanced and complex with high levels of fruity and the amount of perfect bitterness. Falls into the Mild/Medium category.

Favorite Pairing: Bordeaux Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

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