Greek Kalamata 250ml

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Clover Product ID: AHYYQCP3221BC

Acidity: 0.32 | Lot: 58466 | Crop: Winter 2020/2021 | Polyphenol: 362

Kalamata Olives are synonymous with Greece and we are excited to have this exceptional varietal in our line up. Full fresh fruity aroma, medium to robust intensity with a well balanced mild peppery finish. Flavor is earthy and stunningly delicious. Pair it with Black Walnut Balsamic for a refreshing salad dressing, combine with Hickory Balsamic for basting meats or drizzle over vegetables before broiling. A favorite for dipping, and we love it in mashed potatoes.

Flavor Profile: A glorious rich and fruity olive oil. In profile balanced and complex, ripe fruity olive identifiable in nose and mouth with a great diversity of secondary aromas, especially apple with hints of almonds.

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