Chilean Frantoio 100ml Marasca

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Acidity: .24 | Lot: 59252 | Crop: Summer 2021 | Polyphenol: 322

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Chile Frantoio Cultivar

A real stand out this season!! This Tuscan varietal flourishes in the Chilean regions. Maintaining the characteristic medium bitterness and intense spice with long persistence that is so sought after in excellent olive oils. Complimented by floral hints and a fragrant olive fruit aroma. Supply is limited so be sure to order early. Throw out the butter and step your game up a notch. Drizzle over polenta, popcorn, pasta, pizza (that’s a lot of foods that start with “p’s”). Be careful who you serve it to, you may wind up with a marriage Proposal!

Flavor Profile: Medium to Robust. Presents notes of almond and slight sweetness. Aroma of freshly cut grass with fruity overlays.

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