California Arbequina/Arbosana 100ml

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Clover Product ID: 7ME9410JTTE0J

Acidity: 0.22 | Lot: 59479 | Crop: Winter 2021/2022 | Polyphenol: 380

Arbequina, Arbosana

Two varietals that are perfectly suited to compliment each other and bring the best of both. Arbequina, ripe fruity with a great diversity of secondary aromas, especially apple and banana. Arbosana, fresh fruit olive nose with artichoke and green tomato overlay. Together produce an impeccable flavor and aroma. Grab it for the perfect finishing oil for a burst of flavor, on toast in the morning to start the day off right, or pair up with your favorite balsamic for an exquisite garden salad dressing.

Tasting Note; Aroma is buttery with a fruity overlay, Medium Intensity

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